Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dj Roddy Rod vs D'Angelo

This pretty much speaks for itself... Roddy Rod is a fucking genius.

Kenn Starr Freestyle

Footage of Kenn Starr Freestyling in High School!!! Dopeness.


So Oddisee has anounced he will be dropping his solo lp enitled "People Hear what They See" Between Him and Kev Brown they really mentored me in fine tuning my rhymes and were also by introduction teachers on how to make beats. I was a big fan of Low Budget before I became crew back in 04/05. Oddisee keeps me inspirded with his innovative chops and beat making techniques. How can you not appreciate a real life down to earth artist who makes music like this.... Cant wait for the Solo project. Here is a video of him featuring Toine from Dtmd. "Different Now"

Asher Roth shouts out Low Budget!!!

You gotta have the Cd for this one.... Wooooooo!!!!!!

The Earn

Ive known Yu for some years now. I even have some joints we did stashed away that never made it to release but will in time. As for his latest project "The Earn" it is a very well balanced look at how extremely talanted the brother is. Ive knocked this album at the crib too many times. When it comes to rhymes, Yu delivers an approach as if you were sitting down having coffee with him as he tell you a story. To not have to listen to the words but understand everything being displayed is how I define emcee. Aint my brother paints a Materpiece Picture. Support Yu here THEEARN or HERE. And help spread the word about Good Hip Hop!
Blind produced by Kev Brown

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Time....

Download Link - http://lorange.bandcamp.com/ L'Orange's first single since the critically acclaimed Manipulation EP. L'Orange returns to his hip-hop roots with the help of Kaimbr (Alexander Green), Kon Sci (MindsOne, Self Reliance) and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

Wu X LB x DITC = Heat

Wooooooo!!!!! Raekwon, my nikka Hassan Mackey and Myself lace a Diamond D heater. Shout out to Peter Rosenberg!!!
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