Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Time....

Download Link - L'Orange's first single since the critically acclaimed Manipulation EP. L'Orange returns to his hip-hop roots with the help of Kaimbr (Alexander Green), Kon Sci (MindsOne, Self Reliance) and L.E.G.A.C.Y.

Wu X LB x DITC = Heat

Wooooooo!!!!! Raekwon, my nikka Hassan Mackey and Myself lace a Diamond D heater. Shout out to Peter Rosenberg!!!

Dilla Forever!!!

This is Dilla month, but I listen to Dilla all year. Anytime i'm struggling to write I immediatley go to a Dilla Beat cd. And it works every fucking time. This is footage of Me and Brown rocking at Black Cat in '10. This was by far the best time ive had at a Dilla Tribute. We rocked to "Official" Enjoy!

Boys in the Woods.

So a couple weeks ago I was kicking it with Kev Brown and he asked me if I heard of these cats called The Four Owls? Clueless he showed me this video..... I cant front anymore, i keep going back to this and other random links on youtube. Im defenetly copping this album. Shout out to the Real Overseas Hip Hop. These dude are really dope. ps. Its another joint called "All My Life" thats retarded.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Low Budget FOOL!!!! This video gets me goin everytime...... if yall know me, the grimeeerrr the better!!! Support them here.... DTMD

Frosty Anime

So i did the Beat and Roddy Rod got busy with the visuals. Thanks to everyone who supported A Low Budget Christmas Vol 3. A lot of People slept on this but its pretty dope. Warning: youll be singing thumpity thump thump in the middle of Feb.

Behind The Scale is out NOW!!!

Cant express how much I love this album. Watching Sean work over the past few years has been truly exciting. For a while he went mia a few years back. One day I roll up to Browns and he was back at it. This was prolly 3 years ago. And he has not stopped since. This isnt trap music, this is Hip Hop. And the story Sean tells is equally as great as The Great Adventures of Slick Rick with the tragic truth of Ready To Die. Go get this now here BehindtheScale You can also get the mixtape here.... Pausemix

The Smooth Grooves Beat Tape!!!

Teaming up with my man Gadget again to bring you another collection of DMV producers for the Smooth Grooves Beat Tape Vol 1. Come into the lab with us as I get lifted and play beats. Project drops today 2/14/12 Click Kragenoff to Download.

Victory feat Kaimbr and Born Unique

Here is the Video Teaser from the Video Victory I did with my homie Tese Fever. And check her rip shit at the Cap City Cipher... My first inroduction to her... 2:18...

Ghostface Beat Tape

Video pretty much explains everything....

The Brothership "Instrumental LP"

Shout out to Nanlib in Cali for the DOPE ARTWORK. Here is the project if you would like to Download. I Really had a fun time making this project. What started out as an idea from my boss at the time. It was supposed to be a joint venture. But all the videos, beats, artwork, and plugs came from my hard work. I guess behind the scenes Brothership is almost opposite of what really went down. But im proud of my work, and I also went hard in making it happen. Hope you like. Here is Behind the Scenes look....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mr Miyagi

How much fun was making this..... Too much. I grew up on Daniel Laruso. Who didn't love this kid. Also, Bill Conti.... Only the greatest. lol. Naw but once i took the task of chopping up this score I knew it was gonna be something special. The post and response was really crazy. Almost wished I would have charged a Dollar for it. I made it available for free download on initial release as a thank you to fans for supporting the Alexander Green Project. It can still purchased for 5$ at my bandcamp. >Click Here< Here is me in the studio playing some beats and chopping it up with my man Gadget at Digital Hustler. Cheers!

Go Green

Well, a 5 hour drive in the rain to make it to Brooklyn, New York for a instore show and a Video Shoot sounds like a daunting task. But, Me, Kev Brown, Early Reed and DJ Rodger were all down. 10 minutes beore the show started we were 5 blocks away. And the car wont start. Luckily it was a stick, as they pushed we got the jump we needed off the clutch and walked in right on time. Was really a fun day. Shout out to Jess and Puma for holding down the camera work, and John and Damu at Redef for believing in us. Here is the video Go Green,filmed in NYC! Enjoy. The video below is a behind the scenes look at The Alexander Green Project.
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